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This is probably the most boring Blog post ever. Below is a quick list of all the weird CEL's/DTC's we see with the Mini Cooper Turbo models. This can be helpful as many code readers do not catch these. AP-page_19b  MINI R56 CHECK ENGINE CODES P2710 Tank Lid Max P2711 Tank Lid Min P2718 DMTL Heating Max P2719 DMTL Heating Min P271B DMTL Heating Signal P271C Fuel Supply System Max P2727 DMTL Tank Leakage Max P2728 DMTL Tank Leakage Min P272A DMTL Tank Leakage Signal P272B DMTL Pump Max P272C DMTL Pump Min P272E DMTL Pump Signal P272F DMTL Module Leakage Max P2733 DMTL Module Max P2734 DMTL Module Min P2735 DMTL Module Error P2736 DMTL Module Signal P2737 DMTL Pump Input Max P2738 DMTL Pump Input Min P273A DMTL Pump Input Signal P273B Tank Vent Max P273C Tank Vent Min P273D Ign Coil Cyl 1 Error P273E Ign Coil Cyl 3 Error P273F Ign Coil Cyl 4 Error P2740 Ign Coil Cyl 2 Error P2745 Mult Mix Adapt Max P2746 Mult Mix Adapt Min P2755 Fuel Level Sensor Max P2756 Fuel Level Sensor Min P2757 Fuel Level Sensor Error P2758 Fuel Level Sensor Signal P275D Fuel Level Sensor Max P275E Fuel Level Sensor Min P275F Fuel Level Sensor Error P276A Post Catalyst Min P276D Fuel Pump Max P276E Fuel Pump Min P2770 Fuel Pump Signal P2771 Misfire Cyl 1 Max P2772 Misfire Cyl 1 Min P2773 Misfire Cyl 1 Error P2775 Misfire Cyl 3 Max P2776 Misfire Cyl 3 Min P2777 Misfire Cyl 3 Error P2779 Misfire Cyl 4 Max P277A Misfire Cyl 4 Min P277B Misfire Cyl 4 Error P277D Misfire Cyl 2 Max P277E Misfire Cyl 2 Min P277F Misfire Cyl 2 Error P2781 Misfire Mult Cyl Max P2782 Misfire Mult Cyl Min P2783 Misfire Mult Cyl Error P2785 Additive Mixture Max P2786 Additive Mixture Min P27AB Tank Filling Level Error P27AC DMTL Leak Max P27B0 Tank Vent Min P27B1 Tank Vent Valve Max P27B2 Tank Vent Valve Min P27B4 Tank Vent Valve Signal P27C4 Fuel Fill Level Sensor Max P27C5 Fuel Fill Level Sensor Min P27C6 Fuel Fill Level Sensor Signal P27CE Fuel Supply System Max P27CF Fuel Supply System Max P27D0 Fuel Supply System Max P2848 Fuel Pressure Sensor Max P2849 Fuel Pressure Sensor Min P2877 VANOS Mag Valve Max P2878 VANOS Mag Valve Min P287A VANOS Mag Valve Signal P287D VANOS Actuator Error P287E VANOS Actuator Signal P287F High Press System Max P2880 High Press System Min P2881 Wastegate Valve Max P2882 Wastegate Valve Min P2883 Wastegate Valve Signal P2884 Charging Press Control Max P2885 Charging Press Control Min P289C VANOS Interlock Error P289D Charging Press Max P289E Charging Press Min P28A2 Charging Press Max P28A3 Charging Press Min P28A4 Charging Press Error P28A5 Charging Press Signal P28AA Bypass Valve Error P28AC Volume Control Valve Max P28AD Volume Control Valve Min P28AE Volume Control Valve Signal P28AF Bypass Valve Max P28B0 Bypass Valve Min P28B1 Bypass Valve Signal P28BE Fuel Pressure Max P28BF Fuel Pressure Min P28C0 Fuel Pressure Signal P28C1 Fuel Pressure Error P2968 Int Cam Signal Error P297C Int Cam Mech Error P2969 Int Cam Zero Signal P296A Int Cam Offset Error P296E Crank Sensor Signal Error P296F Crank Sensor Zero Signal P2970 Idle Regulation Max P2971 Idle Regulation Min P2972 Idle Reg Heatr Max P2973 Idle Reg Heatr Min P2982 Int Cam Zero Signal Max P2983 Int Cam Zero Signal Min P2A35 Front o2 Dynamics Min P2A3C Front o2 Trim Max P2A3D Front o2 Trim Min P2A47 Front o2 Signal P2A50 Rear o2 Input Max P2A51 Rear o2 Input Min P2A53 Rear o2 Input Signal P2A56 Rear o2 Heater Error P2A60 Front o2 Heater Max P2A61 Front o2 Heater Min P2A63 Front o2 Heater Signal P2A64 Front o2 Heater Max P2A66 Front o2 Heater Error P2A67 Front o2 Heater Signal P2A6C DME Max P2A6D DME Min P2A6E DME Error P2A6F DME Signal P2A74 Rear o2 Response Max P2A75 Rear o2 Response Min P2A76 Rear o2 Response Error P2A77 Rear o2 Response Signal P2A7C Rear o2 Max P2A7D Rear o2 Min P2A7E Rear o2 Error P2A7F Rear o2 Signal P2A8B Front o2 Align Signal P2A90 Front o2 Pump Max P2A92 Front o2 Pump Error P2A93 Front o2 Pump Signal P2A98 Front o2 Sensor Max P2A99 Front o2 Sensor Min P2AA3 Front o2 Signal P2AAB Front o2 Signal P2AB4 Front o2 Input Max P2AB8 Front o2 Input Max P2AC1 Front o2 Check Max P2AC2 Front o2 Check Min P2AC3 Front o2 Check Error P2AC4 Front o2 Check Signal P2ACB Front o2 Disconnected P2ACD Rear o2 Dyn Signal P2AD2 Rear o2 Dyn Max P2AD8 DME Internal Error P2AF8 Acc Pedal Error P2B01 TPS Pot 1 Max P2B02 TPS Pot 1 Min P2B03 TPS Pot 1 Error P2B05 TPS Pot 2 Max P2B06 TPS Pot 2 Min P2B07 TPS Pot 2 Error P2B0B TPS Pot Error P2B1D TPS Pos Input Max P2B1E TPS Pos Input Min P2B1F TPS Pos Input Error P2B20 TPS Pos Input Signal P2B21 TPS Actuator Close Max P2B22 TPS Actuator Close Min P2B25 TPS Actuator Open Max P2B26 TPS Actuator Open Min P2B2B TPS Actuator Pos Error P2B2F TPS Actuator Aux Error P2B31 TPS Actuator Control Max P2B32 TPS Actuator Control Min P2B37 TPS Actuator Error P2B39 TPS Act Abort Max P2B3A TPS Act Abort Min P2B3F TPS Actuator Unplugged P2B43 TPS Actuator Error P2B47 TPS Actuator Amp Error P2B49 Acc Pedal Sig 1 Max P2B4A Acc Pedal Sig 1 Min P2B4B Acc Pedal Sig 1 Error P2B4C Acc Pedal Sig 2 Max P2B4D Acc Pedal Sig 2 Min P2B4E Gas Pedal Error P2B4F MAF Signal Max P2B50 MAF Signal Min P2B51 MAF Signal P2B59 MAF Check Max P2B5A MAF Check Max P2B5B MAF Check Error P2B5C MAF Check Signal P2B5E MAF Correction Max P2B5F MAF Correction Min P2B64 Int Manifold Leak Error P2B67 MAF Current Max P2B6C Int Man Sensor Max P2B6D Int Man Sensor Min P2B71 Int Man Check Max P2B72 Int Man Check Min P2B73 Int Man Check Error P2B74 Int Man Check Signal P2BC0 DME Error P2BC1 DME Error P2BC2 DME Error P2BC3 DME Error P2BC4 DME Error P2BC5 DME Error P2BC6 DME Error P2BC7 DME Error P2BC8 DME Error P2BCB Control Mtr Tq Limit Max P2BCC DME Error P2BCD DME Error P2BCE DME Error P2BCF DME Error P2BD0 DME Error P2BD1 DME Error P2BD2 Power Supply Control 1 P2BD3 Power Supply Control 2 P2BD4 Power Supply Control 3 P2BD5 DME Error P2BD6 DME Error P2BD7 DME Error P2BD9 DME Error P2BDA DME Error P2BDB DME Error P2BDC DME Error P2BDD DME Error P2BDE DME Error P2BDF DME Error P2BE0 DME Error P2BE1 DME Error P2BE2 DME Error P2BE3 DME Error P2BE4 DME Error P2BE5 DME Error P2BE6 DME Error P2BE8 DME Error P2BE9 DME Error P2BEA DME Error P2BEB DME Error P2C8D Power Mgmt Batt Min P2C8E Power Mgmt Batt Error P2C90 Power Mgmt Veh Wiring Max P2C91 Power Mgmt Veh Wiring Min P2C93 Power Mgmt Veh Wiring Signal P2C96 Power Mgmt Violation Error P2C98 Wiring Voltage Max P2C99 Wiring Voltage Min P2C9A Wiring Voltage Error P2C9C DME Main Relay Max P2C9D DME Main Relay Min P2C9E DME Main Relay Error P2DBD High Press Inj Relay Max P2DBE High Press Inj Relay Min P2DBF High Press Inj Relay Signal P2D53 Knock Control Error P2D64 Fuel Inj High 1 Max P2D65 Fuel Inj High 3 Max P2D66 Fuel Inj High 4 Max P2D67 Fuel Inj High 2 Max P2D68 Fuel Inj High 1 Min P2D69 Fuel Inj High 3 Min P2D6A Fuel Inj High 4 Min P2D6B Fuel Inj High 2 Min P2D6C Fuel Inj High 1 Error P2D6D Fuel Inj High 3 Error P2D6E Fuel Inj High 4 Error P2D6F Fuel Inj High 2 Error P2D70 DME Error P2D71 DME Error P2D72 DME Error P2D73 Fuel Inj Low 1 Max P2D74 Fuel Inj Low 3 Max P2D75 Fuel Inj Low 4 Max P2D76 Fuel Inj Low 2 Max P2D77 Fuel Inj Low 1 Min P2D78 Fuel Inj Low 3 Min P2D79 Fuel Inj Low 4 Min P2D7A Fuel Inj Low 2 Min P2D7B Fuel Inj Low 1 Error P2D7C Fuel Inj Low 3 Error P2D7D Fuel Inj Low 4 Error P2D7E Fuel Inj Low 2 Error P2D7F Fuel Inj Low 1 Signal P2D80 Fuel Inj Low 3 Signal P2D81 Fuel Inj Low 4 Signal P2D82 Fuel Inj Low 2 Signal P2DA5 Fuel Inj 4 Mech Max P2DA8 Fuel Inj 2 Mech Max P2DAB Fuel Inj 3 Mech Max P2DAE Fuel Inj 1 Mech Max P2DB1 Fuel Inj 2+4 Input Max P2DB4 Fuel Inj 1+3 Input Max P2D8B Knock Sensor 1A Max P2D8C Knock Sensor 1A Min P2D8D Knock Sensor 1B Max P2D8E Knock Sensor 1B Min P2D9B Knock Sensor Signal Max P2D9C Knock Sensor Signal Min P2DA3 Super Knock Max P2D50 Super Knock Max P2D51 Super Knock Max P2D52 Super Knock Max P2DC0 Super Knock Max P2DC1 Super Knock Max P2DC2 Super Knock Max P2DA4 Post Start Fuel Sys Max P2E4F BSD Battery Signal Error P2E67 BSD Alternator Signal Error P2E1A BSD Signal Error P2E1B BSD Signal Error P2E30 Alternator Max P2E31 Alternator Min P2E32 Alternator Error P2E33 Alternator Signal P2E40 Intel Batt Sensor SD2 Max P2E42 Intel Batt Sensor SD2 Min P2E43 Intel Batt Sensor SD2 Signal P2E44 Intel Batt Sensor Signal Max P2E46 Intel Batt Sensor Signal Min P2E47 Intel Batt Sensor Signal P2E48 Intel Batt Sensor SD1 Max P2E4A Intel Batt Sensor SD1 Min P2E4B Intel Batt Sensor SD1 Signal P2EE0 A/C Medium Press Sens Max P2EE1 A/C Medium Press Sens Min P2F38 Switch Water Pump Max P2F39 Switch Water Pump Min P2F3A Switch Water Pump Signal P2EE2 Thermostat Input Max P2EE3 Thermostat Input Min P2EE5 Thermostat Input Signal P2EE6 Radiator Fan PL1 Max P2EE7 Radiator Fan PL1 Min P2EE8 Radiator Fan PL1 Signal P2F3C Radiator Fan PL2 Max P2F3D Radiator Fan PL2 Min P2F3F Radiator Fan PL2 Signal P2F40 Heater Vent Control Max P2F41 Heater Vent Control Min P2F42 Heater Vent Control Signal P2EEE Cold Start Air Temp Min P2EF1 IAT Signal Max P2EF2 IAT Signal Min P2EF9 IAT Sensor Check P2EFB IAT Sensor Error P2EFD Post TPS IAT Max P2EFE Post TPS IAT Min P2F01 Pre TPS IAT Max P2F02 Pre TPS IAT Min P2F07 Thermostat Mech Error P2F09 Radiator Temp Out Max P2F0A Radiator Temp Out Min P2F15 Temp Sensor Check Max P2F16 Temp Sensor Check Min P2F19 Temp Sensor Signal Max P2F1A Temp Sensor Signal Min P2F21 Engine Temp Check Max P2F22 Engine Temp Check Min P2F23 Engine Temp Check Error P2F24 Engine Temp Check Signal P2F25 Ambient Temp Sensor Signal Max P2F26 Ambient Temp Sensor Signal Min P2F28 Ambient Temp Sensor Signal P2F2F Ambient Temp Sensor Check Error P2F30 Ambient Temp Sensor Check Signal P2F35 Aux Water Pump Max P2F36 Aux Water Pump Min P2F37 Aux Water Pump Signal P2FAA Brake Light Switch Error P2FAC Motor Shutoff Check Error P2FAD Motor Shutoff Check Signal P2FB7 Energy Saving Mode Min P2FC1 Clutch Switch Signal P2FC2 Brake Boost Pressure Max P2FC3 Brake Boost Pressure Min P2FC4 Oil Pressure Switch Check Error P2FC5 DME Error P2FC6 DME Error P2FCD Baro Sensor Check Max P2FCE Baro Sensor Check Min P2FCF Baro Sensor Check Error P2FD0 Baro Sensor Check Signal P2FD6 EWS Protection Min P2FD7 EWS Protection Error P2FD9 Immobolizer Max P2FDA Immobolizer Min P2FDB Immobolizer Error P2FDC Immobolizer Signal P2FDD DME Error P2FDE DME Error P2FDF DME Error P2FE0 DME Error P2FE2 Immobolizer Failure Min P2FE4 Immobolizer Failure Signal P2FE5 Starter Activiation Max P2FE6 Starter Activiation Min P2FE7 Starter Activiation Signal P2FEA Comms Error Max P2FED Comms Error Min P2FF2 DME Error P2FF3 DME Error P2FF4 VSS Check Max P2FF5 VSS Check Error P2FF6 VSS Signal Max P2FF7 VSS Signal Min P2FF9 VSS Signal P2FFE VSS Check Max P2FFF VSS Check Min P3000 VSS Check Error P3008 Brake Pressure Low Sensor Max P3009 Brake Pressure Low Sensor Min P300A Brake Pressure Low Sensor Error P3013 Brake Pressure Low Sensor Max P3014 Brake Pressure Low Sensor Min P3015 Brake Pressure Low Sensor Signal P3016 Brake Pressure Low Sensor Error P301C Release Wire Max P301D Release Wire Min P3020 Release Wire Max P3021 Release Wire Min P3022 Neutral Sensor Signal Max P3023 Neutral Sensor Signal Min P3024 Neutral Sensor Signal P3025 Neutral Sensor Signal Error P3026 Neutral Sensor Learning Signal P3028 Neutral Pos Signal Max P3029 Neutral Pos Signal Min P302E Neutral Battery Voltage Check P302F Neutral Ground Signal P3031 Neutral Perf Signal Check P3032 Neutral Signal Check P3036 DME Error P303E DME Error P3091 CAN Comms Failure P3094 CAN DSC Min P3095 CAN DSC Error P3096 CAN DSC Missing P3097 CAN EGS Min P3098 CAN EGS Error P3099 CAN EGS Missing P309D CAN IHKA Missing P309F CAN KOMBI Mix P30A0 CAN KOMBI Error P30A1 CAN KOMBI Missing P30A4 CAN SZL Min P30A5 CAN SZL Error P30A6 CAN SZL Missing P30A7 MSG Terminal State P30A8 MSG Clamp Status P30A9 MSG Status Crash P30AA MSG Operating MSA P30BA MSG Sport Mode EGS P30AC MSG Status Trailer P30AD MSG Time+Date P30AE MSG Status ZV Hatches P30AF MSG Vehicle Mode P30B0 MSG Vehicle Modules P30B2 MSG Status Reverse Gear P30B4 MSG Status Water Valve P30B5 MSG Load Status P30BB MSG Diag Status OBD P30B9 MSG Steering Wheel Angle

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