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If you read the entire post from 2015 WRX and STI Exposed article, you would know that the 2015 WRX shifter is one of the things that I feel is terrible about the car. Normally cars that use cable shifters have a very positive feel and proved excellent feedback reguarded as   Find the gears better going from 2nd to third and 5th to 4th. This mod might turn the 201 5 WRX shifter into something people could consider being the best feeling shifter in any car.   This part added to the PERRIN Brass Shifter Bushing are a great combination and is something that every single 2015+ WRX (and Legacy and outback 2010-14with manual tranny) 2014+Forester with  Manual tranny. Few last notes about the WRX. Shifter in WRX is weird and loose. You can put it into the 1/2 gate, and the shifter moves left to right quite a bit. It also seems to have a super short distance between the 3/4 gate and the 5/6 gate. It’s just weird comparing it to the STI 6spd tranny, which is one of the best shifting trannys around.   installation1 installation2 installation3 installation4 installation5xlvkjlkjdlkj sdfd

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