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Subaru & Honda Intercooler Kits

At PERRIN Performance, our intercooler kits provide superior horsepower and torque to your performance engine without the need for tuning or ECU recalibration! Make the most of your turbo power today with a front-mounted or top-mounted intercooler!

Adding an intercooler to your vehicle is proven to increase horsepower by creating a denser, richer air-to-fuel mixture within your engine, resulting in more powerful combustion. In addition to full intercooler kits, you can find upgrades for couplers, throttle bodies, and stencils to further customize and optimize your air intake system!

We’ve developed a series of intercooler kits and upgrades for:

Our PERRIN Performance intercoolers feature superior construction, maximum cooling efficiency, and durable design to withstand rocks, debris, and dirt from the road. Talk to our tech team at [email protected] for more information on application and installation.

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