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Subaru, Toyota, & Honda Cold Air Intakes and Air Induction Parts

PERRIN Performance brings form and function together with our collection of gauge pods and interior performance upgrades. Build your ideal vehicle with the best shifting, braking, and driving experience possible using purpose-built drift buttons, lockout levers, and pedal relocators.

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Upgrading your stock interior controls is a fast, inexpensive way to improve your driving and drifting experience. Swap your stock hand brake button for a drift button to speed up your braking ability or relocate your accelerator pedal for more efficient heel-toe during medium-speed corners.

PERRIN Performance also supplies you with the adapters and grommets you need to make your car as seamless as possible. Firewall grommets protect your wiring harness and smooth out your build, while coolant hose adapters and oil pressure adapters allow for better routing and additional oil gauges.

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